EURAP’s Interim Report of May 2009

We take this chance to give you a brief resume of the National Coordinator’s Meeting that was held during the last International Epilepsy Congress in Budapest. Dr. Tomson explained where we are in the data analysis for first publication of teratogenic outcome and confirmed that this is now work in progress, and that the review of the classification of malformations has been completed using the EUROCAT classification rules for birth defects.

. We expect that the Central Registry will provide a clean database to the Statistician by October and thus we could reach the first results within the end of the year. However, all participants were asked to keep in mind that it takes several months from the paper submission to any journal to when it becomes approved and published.


The second item was about revision of classification of birth defects, which has changed slightly according to the Eurocat rules. Therefore, the Central Registry will send the list of your database’s birth defects, according to the new classification. Please remember that at anytime you can ask and receive your complete data prepared for any local analysis, but all local publications mentioning EURAP in the title should be first submitted to and reviewed by the CPC.
Last but not least, a paper on prescriptions patterns in EURAP has been accepted for publication in Epilepsia with title “Utilization of antiepileptic drugs during pregnancy: Comparative patterns in 38 countries based on data from the EURAP registry”. For the moment it is available as an e-paper on Pubmed.
Best wishes
Dina Battino and the Eurap staff